Garden Trees - Collins GEM

by Michael A. Dirr


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The only guide you need for choosing, planting and caring for beautiful trees in your garden. Filled with helpful photography and easy-to-follow tips, this essential book will make a successful gardener out of any complete beginner. Trees display wonderful foliage that can liven up any garden, but which will best suit yours? And how will you plant them once you get them home? Gem Trees answers these questions and more, providing comprehensive information on caring for trees. A substantial introduction covers: / the basics of plant care / buying trees / planting / pruning The comprehensive directory covers further details for over 100 of the most popular trees, including different species of conifer: / where to site / height and spread / seasonal guide / tips for care and maintenance The fresh, clear design is easy to follow, and full-colour photography throughout enables quick identification of plants. This easy-to-use guide will give you the confidence you need to raise a healthy and attractive tree garden.

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This is a red tree!
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These trees are brilliant.
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