Wood Carving Weekly

Wood Carving Weekly
Welcome to Wood Carving Weekly, the definitive publication for all your wood carving needs. No other word carving magazine provides so much depth and quality of coverage. And you get it every week!

From step-by-step projects to masterclasses from the worlds finest carvers, from one-off special offers to regularly low material prices, no serious wood carver can ever be without Wood Carving Weekly. In a recent poll, 78% of all active carvers said they subscribed to Wood Carving Weekly.

In our next issue, we have:

1. Step-by-step guide to carving an oak leaf into an actual piece of oak
2. How to use that often forgotten tool, the fishtail gouge!
3. Grain: straight, interlocked, or fiddleback, which is best?
4. The debate continues....walnut or linseed oil to finish?

And don't forget our great weekly caption competition. The funniest answer wins a slab of hardwood of your choice

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