Quercus Monthly

Quercus Monthly
With over 600 hundred species of Quercus on the planet, every lover of the great Oak tree needs our magazine.

From classification to hybridisation, from uses to diseases, Quercus Monthly give you the knowledge to impress your friends and lively debate to captivate your dinner guests. We guarantee, there's no magazine like it!

In this month's edition we have:

1. Oak tree in mythology. From Norse to Celtic, Baltic to Classical, we tell you all you need to know
2. Interspecific hybridisation - is it really most prevalent in the White Oak?
3. Quercus Webus Shopius - why you need to know about this great new species
4. What makes Japanese oak the wood of choice by Yamaha in the making of their professional drums?
5. How can you prevent Phytophthora ramorum from killing your precious oak in just a few weeks?

And this month's competition prize winner wins an all expenses trip for 4 to see Kett's Oak in the heart of Norfolk

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